Monday, November 13, 2006

How to Create the Ultimate Home Theater in Canada

Creating the ultimate home theatre
(NC)-A growing number of Canadians are installing home theatre systems in their homes, however homeowners aren't always satisfied with the results. Some Canadians find themselves being bothered by unwanted noise while trying to enjoy their new home theatre.

"When creating a home theatre, homeowners need to consider more than the TV and speakers," says Mark LeBlanc, Insulation Expert, Owens Corning Canada. "To properly enjoy a home theatre, the room should be designed to control noise coming from other areas of the house. This can be achieved by installing acoustic wall systems."

In order to properly control noise in the home, it is important to understand the four essential principles of noise control: block, break, absorb and isolate.

Block - Drywall is the first line of defense against noise. It will help to block out unwanted sounds, and is particularly effective in blocking lower frequency, bass sounds.

Break - Flexible fasteners, such as resilient channels, act to detach the drywall from the wall studs so that sounds vibrations cannot pass directly through the wall structure.

Absorb - Installing specifically-designed acoustic insulation, such as Quietzone acoustic batts, into the wall cavity can significantly decrease the amount of noise transmitted between rooms.

Isolate - The effectiveness of an acoustic wall is limited if noise can simply travel through an open doorway. Using solid-core doors is important to control noise transfer inside the home.

When creating a home theatre room, homeowners should consider installing acoustic wall systems. To do this, start by installing QuietZone Acoustical Batts in interior walls between your home theatre and other rooms, as well as on ceilings between floors. If there are water pipes in the walls, consider wrapping them with insulation before installing batts to further reduce noise transmission. Then add resilient metal channels across the home theatre side of the wall studs and the ceiling joists. Next, fasten drywall to the metal channels. Caulk the drywall to the floor before putting on the baseboards.

By better understanding the basics of noise control, homeowners can truly create the ultimate home theatre.

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