Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bank of Canada Interest Rate Cut Shock with Article with videos and more information

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The link below is to a very good article about today's Bank of Canada Interest rate cuts, how the markets reacted so far, with some great graphs in it, make sure your volume is turned low as there is an auto-load video

the graph near the bottom is also very interesting where they say the Bank of Canada "was the first to blink"  - if you watch the other videos or listen to the Bank of Canada Governor's comments he uses many euphemisms that allow him to stay 'non-committal' on many key issues - this is the Bank's way of not signaling their future intentions to the marketplace - so interesting!

Borrowers, current and pending, will be very pleased about this quarter percent rate drop

The Bank's announcement today to reduce rates was a real shock to the Canadian Economy and the world, could prove to be a very forward thinking decision in light of other indicators in the economy!

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