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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Home Staging and open house Checklist items just before

Last Minute Home Staging Checklist for an Open House

  1. Clean up your house! – make sure everything is clean and tidy, including windows and mirrors.
  2. Wipe down all yoru main sinks and bathtubs. When they are dry, they will look cleaner. No dirty dishes in the sink.
  3. Declutter – remove everything from counters, tables, floors, etc. except the items you are using to accessorize.
  4. Put away any your valuables; money, jewelry, credit cards, personal information, medications.
  5. Depersonalize the house as much as possible – remove all toiletries, grooming products, photographs, diplomas, awards, trophies, collections.
  6. I don't necessarily agree with this one
    Also remove anything of a religious, ethnical or political nature.
  7. Open all blinds and window coverings; you want the house to light and bright.
  8. Turn on all the lights in the house, including lamps.
  9. Check all beds are made and tidy up the bedrooms.
  10. Open the windows and air out the house. Empty all garbage containers, diaper pails etc.
    You don’t want any offensive odors in the house.
  11. Take pets with you and remove all signs of pet paraphernalia. (fish are the exception)
  12. Make sure all toilets are flushed and toilet seats down and that they are clean!
  13. Optional – easy listening music in the background.
  14. Curb Appeal - check the yard; remove newspapers, garbage, toys or clutter.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Toronto and Mississauga Open House Listings

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