Friday, November 04, 2005

Flipping Houses - What are the pitfalls and areas to consider?

Is buying and flipping a house in Mississauga is the right thing for you to do?
Good Investment?
What is Flipping?
Good Planning is Essential
Acquiring property
Renovation Plan
Selling Your PropertyConclusion

Good Investment?
The hottest investment going these days is flipping property. Investors are making huge profits buying luxury properties before they are finished and then selling at a profit before actually taking possession. Most make more moderate profits buying distressed property and improving it.
Experts disagree on how safe an investment flipping is. Economist Tucker Hart Adams claims that this practice has created a housing price bubble by artificially inflating property values. She says that the bubble must pop. Other exerts claim that even if the market values have been grossly inflated and may be at risk, other markets will be relatively unaffected because the market inflation here has been small.

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