Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What you can do to improve your bottom line while your home is being shown to a prospective buyer.

This page shows you what you can do to improve your bottom line while your home is being shown to a prospective buyer.
How to Help Agents when they are Showing Your Home
Let the agent sell your home. It is usually much better if you are not there during the showing, the prospective buyers can talk openly with the agent, who is well versed in handling objections and calming nerves.

Children, pets and adults can keep buyers from feeling at ease while they look through a home. For showings, please be out of the house if possible.

Turn off the television and stereo, even background music can be distracting.

Turn on all lights for the entire showing. Open drapes in the daytime, close them at night.

Strong cooking or smoking odors can ruin a sale. Make sure your home is fresh for showings. Create pleasant aromas by opening windows, putting out fresh flowers, or baking bread or cookies a bit before the showing.

Have a lock box installed and leave your home in "ready to show condition" whenever possible.

Use an answering machine or another message system available so messages can be left regarding appointments.

Make sure that the feature sheets of your home are left in a conspicuous place. If your supply is getting low, let me know and I will drop some more off.

Remove and replace major items not included in the sale if you feel this is necessary - you don't have to remove small things - e.g.: dining room chandelier or the occasional window covering

Often it is difficult for Agents to schedule appointments precisely. Expect Agents one half hour either way of the scheduled appointment time.

If your for sale sign is vandalized or dislodges, please let me know right away and I will have it corrected.

Be sure to put valuables away. Although theft problems are extremely rare, you are always better safe than sorry.

Of course, there are " Mark's 5 WRITTEN Guarantees " just in case you are not convinced yet that Mark is the right Agent for you!

Here is the complete list of 79 ideas and suggestions to get you more money when you sell with more tips on what to do before and during a showing :-)

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