Friday, March 27, 2009

Anyone can sell a Corvette at half price!

I received the email below and thought I would share it with you along with my answer.

From: [mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, March 10, 2009 3:07 PM
Subject: Information Request

Hi Mark

I am impressed!

Just found your site when asking the question: What percentage of listing agents are selling agents?

As I wanted to see the stats on agents listing, do they sell your house, or do agents from other companies actually sell your house?

Even though we wont be using your services as we are in BC and you are in Ontario, I do wish to compliment you on your web site, and professional approach to your clients...

I like your web site, the questions and answers....especially what you promise to deliver

We are listed for sale here in Victoria, and I am very very discouraged and now that I have read about you approach to listing and selling a home for your client.....I am thinking things over more....The feedback from a viewing is very helpful to a client....getting no reply back is very disheartening, and we have had aproximately 6 or 7 viewings in the past few months, and I have never heard back from my agent.

We thought we chose the best agent in Victoria, and I have just reread the 5 Truths... it enlightens me more Especially Truth #1... I know it is a tough market..but homes are still selling....Our property is rare for our area, its waterfront on a lake in an up and coming area., with revenue potential in several ways, and has several options for the future...

..I know the purchaser decides on the price, and I am astounded our agent wants to lower it yet again..and seldom do we hear from him unless it is to lower the price
ANYONE CAN SELL A CORVETTE AT HALF PRICE....however, a clever salesman gets the highest dollar he can to get the highest commission, which is his final goal...

Anyway I have taken up too much of your valuable time....thank you for this valuable information on your web site;....

Good luck to you I am sure your clients have had good results.


my response back to this person was:

Hi G,
Wow, such a thoughtful email, so nice of you to write such positive comments.
I am glad you like sections of my site, especially the I really try to help people and explain things.
I love your "ANYONE CAN SELL A CORVETTE AT HALF PRICE" I will have to remember that one! Unfortunately, we are in a tough market and it's taking longer to sell, but as you say, with expert marketing the price can still be maximized!
I wish you luck with your sale and most importantly, I wish you and your family all the best in life!
Thank you,

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