Friday, July 17, 2009

Stock Market outlook to end of 2009 and beyond - postive!

this is the outlook from investors and customers of RBC on the stock market and financial markets in general, thought I would share the postive mood!


Your views on the stock Market:

        1. One in every two direct investors surveyed on this panel are holding their investments steady for now and see no reason to panic about current stock market conditions.
        2. Four in ten have added or are planning to add more money into the stock market in the near future.
        3. The majority (seven in ten) believe the stock market, as measured by S&P/TSX Composite Index, will be higher by the end of 2009 and a third believe it will be higher in three months’ time.
        4. Those who have a positive outlook on the stock market (22%) are seeing opportunities in current stock price volatility; they believe it presents trading opportunities. These investors believe that current stock market valuations have reached the bottom, that the bear market is now over and that the financial sector has begun to stabilize .
        5. Those who have a negative outlook on the stock market (8%) believe that current stock market valuations have not reached the bottom and that the bear market is not over. They believe that the current economic conditions will have a serious negative impact on GDP and that unemployment rates will rise.
        6. Those who have a neutral outlook on the stock market (70%) need to see stabilization/lowering of unemployment rates and positive news from corporate announcements to feel more positive.

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