Thursday, November 29, 2012

Confusion about the Great Gulf condos at Erin Mills and Eglinton Mississauga

A client recently asked me to help them purchase a townhouse at Erin Mills Parkway and Eglinton, on the south side of the Erin Mills Town Centre and on the west side of Erin Mills Pkwy. This piece of land has sat vacant for about 20 years while development has sprung up around it.

Great Gulf put up a sign recently on this piece of land saying they were developing and selling HOT townhomes. I was very excited to learn that they were finally developing that prime real estate. The sign states that townhomes are 'coming soon' with a few other details.

Then on that site there were two buildings erected, one was a sales office for the townhomes and the other a 'mystery' building. Both looked almost like permanent structures, given the gigantic piers that the buildings were set upon. Again, such excitement over development of the land.

I finally went into the Great Gulf sales office yesterday that is opening soon and talked to the Great Gulf people inside that sales office. Unfortunately, this sales office is for the townhomes that Great Gulf is building at the Winston Churchill and Eglinton site location.

I was completely fooled by that Great Gulf sign on Eglinton by the hospital. I was certain that they were building the townhomes at that site but the sign clearly states "Eglinton and Winston Churchill" - good advertising on their part - myself and probably 99% of people who look at that sign assume the building site is right there at that prime location

Additionally, and more depressing, I found out that The Pemberton Group owns the entire chunk of land between Erin Mills and Metcalfe Avenue on the south side of Eglinton where that sales office is located, Great Gulf is just leasing that office location from them. I say "depressing" because that implies that Pemberton will likely build another set of condos on that ultra-prime piece of real estate, I prefer townhomes, but that's my preference.

I'll let you know if I find anything else out about this piece of land and it's development.

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  1. Well I go through both the sites and both looked almost like permanent structures, given the gigantic piers that the buildings were set upon.There were two buildings erected.

  2. Yes, I agree, the concrete columns that those buildings are sitting on are gigantic - seems like they don't ever want either of those two buildings to move one millimeter! :-)

  3. There is confusion about great gulf condos. Have a look at them