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Location, Location, Location what does it mean when purchasing real estate?

You will find the information very helpful when you are purchasing your real estate

You have heard about the importance of location, but what really does that mean?  The article below will explain what location, location, location in real estate is all about.


Location, Location, Location

You've probably heard this adage many times, but what does it mean?

Location of the property you are contemplating to purchase is one of the most important aspects of consideration when establishing the value of a property.  

For example, two identical homes can be priced and valued very far apart the only difference in many cases is the location of each home.  How can this be?

The following information about location would affect both how much you pay for a home and subsequent resale value of the home, so buyer beware of these items.

  • Distance to work. How long will the rush hour commute take? House prices generally decrease as the distance for the hub-of-activity increases.
  • Recreational facilities. Parks. playgrounds, baseball diamonds, community centres, arenas, swimming pools and soccer fields help establish ambience and a community-based neighbourhood.
  • Schools. Which schools service an area is often a high priority.
  • Shopping. Large malls serve an entire community. Intermediate sized plazas are accessed by commuters and pedestrians.
  • Support services. Everyone needs a doctor. dentist and a pharmacy. Day care cent res and religious facilities also rank high.
  • Transportation. Public transit and mature road networks are more readily available in built up and established area. Projected start dates for transit routes or road construction are only educated guesses.
  • Lot size. Street frontage is important but don't overlook depth.
  • Parking and garage.
  • Corner lots. To avoid creating a tunnel like appearance, corner lots are wider than normal, meaning more grass to cut, more sidewalk to clear of snow and ice, more fencing to erect without a neighbour to share the cost.
  • Side of the street. Homes on the west side receive morning sun at the front and afternoon sun in the back. South side homes bask in the sun at the rear, ideal for backyard enthusiasts.
  • Other factors. What street hardware (sidewalk, fire hydrant, overhead street lamp, traffic signs, hydro transformer box, super mailbox, etc.) is located on or near the lot?

Potential deterrents

Negative factors can include gas stations. railways tracks, airports, commercial developments, cemeteries, industrial parks and major highways.

Positive attributes in close proximity can sometimes become drawbacks. For example being near a school is important but would you want a school next door or across the street?

Other considerations

After narrowing your choice of community and neighbourhood, focus on these factors:

I hope these points help you with your next purchase.

 I wish you all the best with your purchase,

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