Thursday, March 23, 2006

What is CREA and how do they help Buyers, Sellers and Agents in Canada?

The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) is a trade association in Canada and it represents more than 82,000 real estate people across Canada .

CREA's primary mission is to represent its members at the federal level of government. CREA also defends the publics right to own and enjoy property in Canada .

CREA owns the MLS® trademark logo and name and has a proprietary interest in the REALTOR® trademark that is used in the United States . The REALTOR® trademark can only be used in Canada by members of The Canadian Real Estate Association. These members much accept and respect a strict Code of Ethics set out by CREA.

CREA also administers and owns the site for the public. The real estate database systems operated by other member Boards (such as TREB) provide an ongoing inventory of available properties to The website ensures maximum exposure of properties listed for sale across Canada . This is important because most resale homes in Canada are listed on their local real estate boards and are available through MLS®. This also gives maximum exposure to any seller who decides to sell their property through a local real estate agent.

Buyers can access the mls listing for any property in Canada that is listed on a board that is a member of CREA.

Sellers benefit from CREA by the fact that their mls listing is available to all buyers across Canada and the world who wish to use the online version of the mls system created by CREA.


As you can see, CREA is a major force in organized real estate in Canada. CREA assists not only real estate agents, but also helps many sellers market their property through and gives any potential buyer easy access to all mls listings in Canada.

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