Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Where can I find Power of Sale, Foreclosure and Tax Sale properties and information?

Another question that I receive is where can I find Power of Sale, Tax Sale and Foreclosure properties and information?

I am very familiar with Power of Sales, Foreclosures and Tax Sale properties. Have you read the information on my site at these pages? http://www.mississauga4sale.com/Power-of-Sale-Bank-Foreclosure-FAQ.htm

Are you signed up to receive my power of sale properties? http://www.mississauga4sale.com/Power-Sales-Bank-Sales-Alert-Request.htm

In my experience I have seen that people spend many weeks and months researching and learning about power of sales properties and then decide not to buy one due to the many uncertainties involved and the fact that you need the resources at hand to do the renovation work. Don't get me wrong, some people buy them successfully, just not that many.

Again, in my experience, there are two things you should do in real estate. Buy as expensive of a principal residence as you can to maximize your tax free asset. The other best thing to do is buy and investment property and hold it for at least 5 years to earn fairly easy profit.

I will help you in whatever area you decide.

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Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) Average Prices and Graph

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