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Advantages of New Home and Resale Home purchase

The Advantages of a New Home

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NEW: If you purchased your new home prior to July 1, 2006 and will be taking possession after July 1, 2006 click here for transitional GST information and rebate form from the Canada Revenue Agency (Posted June 2006)

If a home comes up for sale in a mature neighbourhood where there’s an established sense of community and a history of strong property values, buying a resale home can be a good choice. However, there are several reasons why buying a new home is often the wiser choice.

We just don’t build homes the way they used to – and that’s a good thing! Today’s homes are built with state-of-the-art technology using lowmaintenance and durable building materials, to save you time and money.

From vinyl-clad windows to aluminum soffits to clay brick, a modern home requires far less upkeep than a resale home, even a fairly modern one. Advanced wiring and Internet-ready cabling means you can work out of your new home about as efficiently as you can in many office buildings.

Modern home design is lightyears ahead of older homes. Indeed, light is one of the main design features of today’s homes. Windows are bigger and better and they’re everywhere. They flood the interior with natural light without letting in the cold or letting out the heat.

Today’s homes also offer floorplans that are very functional, accommodatingyour needs, not the lifestyle of some mythical family from bygone generations. Open concept plans give modern homes a light and airy feeling, yet they can be informal or formal, casual or elegant.

Moreover, you can get exactly what you want, because many builders will customize the model you choose, allowing you to create rooms or styles that meet your personal needs. Options and upgrades provide further flexibility. Modern designs are also very clever when it comes to providing storage space, the lack of which is one of the biggest drawbacks of older homes.

Better insulation, higher efficiency heating systems, better windows and doors, overall tight construction and improved ventilation are hallmarks of homes built in the last few years. That means lower energy costs and a more comfortable home all year round.

With the purchase of a new home also comes peace of mind. Every new home sold in Ontario is covered by one-, two- and seven-year warranties, described in detail later. Safety is also improved, with features such as smoke detectors wired into the home’s electrical system; or video surveillance in condos.

Finally, many new homes are built in new communities, where there is consistent design among the homes and careful attention paid to public elements such as landscaping and street lighting. New home communities generally offer parks, schools, shopping and recreational amenities close at hand.

Advantages of a Resale Home

The major advantage of buying a resale home is that you are moving into an established neighborhood. Your lawn is green, your shrubs are growing, your driveway is paved and your trees are well enough established to give your street a feeling of permanence. Often, most extras are already present, such as appliances, curtains, drapes, central vacuum, humidifiers, decks, fencing, electric garage door openers, finishing the basement, walkways, outdoor lighting, indoor light fixtures, trees, shrubs, gardens and landscaping, children's play sets, swimming pool, air conditioning, etc.

In terms of investment, a resale home will often give you far more value than a brand new home. Many owners put tens of thousands of dollars into home improvements ranging from small items, such as landscaping, to major projects, such as a finished basement or any of the items above. Although these improvements will make the home more attractive to potential buyers, they may not increase the market value of the home. A $35,000 swimming pool or a $15,000 finished basement or even $5,000 worth of landscaping may make the home very attractive. However these additional costs incurred may not necessarily increase the market value of a home, especially if you have to sell it at a time of year where these major items add little or no perceived value. The buyer gets the home at its real fair market value, which is based on comparable homes for sale or sold in the neighborhood. All those expensive extras may be included in the home with benefit to the buyer at little or no extra cost. This can be a substantial savings over buying a new home.

With a resale, the vendor's asking price is almost always negotiable downwards unlike the builders list price which is usually firm. Any extras or changes are added to the list price of a new home and add up quickly.

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