Friday, October 26, 2007

Celebrating 20 Years in Real Estate!

Celebrating 20 Years in Real Estate!

I obtained my real estate license on Oct 26, 1987 and thus, today marks my 20th year in the real estate business. Much has changed in the business in 20 years. The Lord's Day Act prohibited selling real estate on a Sunday back in 1987. We did not begin using a fax machine until spring of 1988, and those fax papers would fade away after a month or two.

For the past 20 years, I carry two press releases inside my presentation folder. The one article is from the Toronto Star. It 'shouts' that the average price is predicted to rise over $200,000 in the next year. The average GTA price in October 1987 was $192,500 (today it's $380,132).

Even though I had bought my first townhouse in 1985 I needed some credibility to help me convice others that real estate was a good investment. Being new in the real estate business, I would pull out the Toronto Star article when I would meet people to prove that real estate was a good investment. I highlighted some of the paragraphs in the article and the key paragraph stated, "Real estate has always been a good investment and it has always produced excellent equity appreciation". I've not pulled out this article for about 10 years, but the same certainly holds true today as it did back then.

The other article I carry around is written by the then business editor of the Toronto Star, none other than Garth Turner. His views carried much weight back then and when he spoke about real estate, people listened. The article I carry that is written by him talks about the "horrifying experience" if you are looking for a place to live in the GTA. Prices are nearly averaging $200,000 and only one apartment in a thousand is vacant! We (Toronto) have the highest housing prices in the entire country. Mortgage rates were about 11.5% at the time and inflation was about the same! Wow have times changed, except that he also states, "We have also had the most spectacular gains in the price of real estate. There are, however, more increases to come, because as pricey as it is, housing is still essentially undervalued". Where have you heard this before? People in the GTA have been saying this same thing for the past 20 years that I've been in the business and will continue to say this for at least the next decade.

I believe that real estate will continue to be an excellent method of 'forced savings', it also gives you a firm footing to raise your family and will contintue to be an excellent long term investment anywhere in the GTA, North to Barrie, East to Newcastle, West to London and around the Golden Horseshoe to Niagara Falls.

The last 20 years in real estate has been great for me and my family. I am looking forward to more exciting times in real estate over the next 20 years and hope you can enjoy the ride along with me!

I want to thank all of my clients and friends that have supported me and used my services over the past 20 years and especially those people who 'believed in me' back in those early years.

I hope that this finds you and your family healthy and happy and I wish All the Best


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  1. Mark,

    Congratulations! on completing 20 years in real estate business. Wishing you many more years of successful career.

    Your Mississauga colleague,

    Amit Kalia, Broker, Royal LePage R.E. Ltd., Brokerage

  2. Thanks Amit! Nice to hear from a good friend from the net! I wish you all the best too! Mark