Monday, February 11, 2008

Power of Sale Maintenance Fees shown on the MLS listing information

Another question I get asked quite often about Power of Sale properties is if the maintenance fee of $0 per month is correct as shown on the MLS listing. Same with the property taxes, often the amount shown for the property taxes on the listing for a POS property is often $0

My answer to this common question is as follows:

It's not a misprint, it's done on purpose by the listing agent and/or the bank who is selling the property. Many banks want the agents to put zero for maintenance fees and taxes on the listings.

The reason is so the bank is not responsible for any amount that may have been stated on the mls listing. If the bank showed $400 per month and it ended up being $450 per month, normally a purchaser could go after the bank/seller for the difference. If it's shwon as zero dollars and in the fine print of the offer, it states that the purchaser must investigate and satisfy themselves of the monthly maintenance and taxes, so the bank is off the hook in showing the correct amount.

In Mississauga, all of the 'normal' condo maintenance items, such as heat, hydro, water, common element maintenance, building insurance and common element parking is usually included in a condo maintenance fee. Usually the property taxes and cable TV are not included in the maintenance fees. In some of the newer condos hydro is NOT included, so you have to be careful when assuming that the listing agent has entered the correct information or not. Always best to confirm through me.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have other questions.

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