Tuesday, January 06, 2009

How to do a final walk through before your closing date

This is a good article about what to look at just before you close on yoru purchase

You're just about to close on the purchase of a new house.

But before you do, you'd be wise to conduct a final walkthroughof the property. Here's how.

Bring your contract with you so you can reference it regarding items excluded from and included in the sale.

Assuming a home inspection was performed, these things would have been checked, but you'll want to make sure their condition hasn't since changed.

You'll also want your paperwork handy to remind you of what repairs, if any, the seller was to have made, as this is the time to confi rm they've indeed been done.

Inspect for any damage done to the house when the previous residents moved out (on fl oors and around door frames, especially), as well as damage that may have been hidden from sight by furniture, rugs or artwork during
previous visits you made to the house.

Ensure the seller hasn't left anything behind they shouldn't have, like trash or unwanted furniture. On the other hand, confi rm all items the seller agreed to include in the sale (appliances, window treatments, lighting, etc.) are still there and haven't been substituted.

Get copies of invoices and any warranties relating to the work performed.

Test appliances and heating and air-conditioning systems, if possible: flush toilets; turn taps, light fi xtures, exhaust fans and garbage disposals on and off; open and close windows and doors.

Go through the house from attic to basement, room by room.

In addition to the interior, don't forget to include the house's garage, backyard and any storage sheds that might be on the property as you conduct your fi nal walk-through.

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