Monday, June 01, 2009

Current Market Observations and what to do with your investment dollars

These are my personal observations regarding where things may be heading in the next few months.

My observations are this:

Many are saying gasoline will be $1.09 in the summer-this means it will go to at least $1.15 or $1.20

Everyone said 8 months ago we'll be out of recession in 1st QTR 2010 - we will be out of recession in 1st QTR 2010

Many are saying CDN$ will go to parity in a while- this means it will be at or near parity in a few months

We are just leaving the trough of an ugly recession, there is great opportunity for those with vision and big nerve - where to put your spare $$ is a difficult decision

Many are cash rich-they too are looking to invest and double their money

Hindsight is everything- by the time you know where to invest it's too late - so take out the dice and you'll probably be right - or wrong - you have a 50/50 chance

Maybe it's time to buy Magna shares, again you need large nerve and excess cash to possibly lose

No matter what you invest in, pick something where a bank or a broker that does not make most of the money-good luck again

I like real estate for investment, but only on a 5+ year horizon as you are at least guaranteed the tenant will pay it off for you, but that takes plenty of time

In these record low interest times, it's almost idiotic to not do leveraged investing, such as real estate or even in the financial markets

Another thing in my mind is another similar event to 911 as this would give the pundits another reason the pound the financial markets and take out more cash and profits from the marketplace

So, what to do with your spare cash, there sure are many options!
All the best!

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