Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Which is better for you - Fixed versus variable rate mortgages?

The graph below shows the fixed versus variable rate differences for the past 25 years. You will note that the variable rate is often lower than the fixed rate. This implies that in the long run, you may be better off going with a variable rate mortgage as opposed to a fixed rate mortgage.

I've written about the benefits and risk associated with this decision on my website: http://www.mississauga4sale.com/Lock-In-Short-Term-Long-Term-Mortgage.htm

September 09 has been kind to most....a welcome relief from last year's fears. Thankfully - the financial markets are improving and confidence is growing.

Mortgage interest rates are low, lenders are competing for business, and we've seen slight decreases in both fixed and variable rates.

I am often asked for historical mortgage interest rate data. The graph below is for data from January 1985 for both fixed and variable rates.

In reviewing the graph you will immediately see how expensive rates were back in the mid 80's compared to today
It's great to be able to obtain the current rates.

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  1. They both have their benefits I suppose, personally I have always gone with the fixed rate, so that it is locked in.

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