Sunday, December 13, 2009

RBC reports that Canadian Investors still have the jitters

RBC reports that Canadian Investors still have the jitters

RBC reports that investors in Canada still have the jitters. I am one of those, moved all of our rsp's out of the markets into a market linked GIC, now we are guananteed to get our money back in the event that the markets tank and we will get 40% of any improvement in the markets. I guess I'm just getting too close to retirement to take chances with my rsp's

Investors still have the jitters

Investors appear to be buying into the thesis that the global recession is a thing of the past.

However, they remain very cautious because the economic rebound is proving to be less vigorous than previous recoveries. Any dose of poor financial market news invariably leads investors to scale back their risk positions. As a result, global government bond markets continue to perform well.

Yields on short-term U.S. Treasury bonds stand near record lows, while 10-year rates have fallen back after rising this summer. This pattern was mirrored in the other major markets that we monitor, with central banks expected to hold policy rates low until a durable economic recovery is under way.

We expect rates will remain at extraordinarily low levels for the first half of 2010 and then gradually increase as central banks begin the long process of returning monetary policy to a neutral stance.

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