Monday, December 17, 2007

Just announced, 1st time Buyers in Ontario will be eligable for Land Transfer Tax Refund!

Just in time for the holidays - First time homebuyers, in Ontario, will be eligible for a land transfer tax refund (up to $2000).

This was announced in yesterday's mini budget. Unfortunately, full details are not yet available on the government's website but I'm sure they will be soon: browse here.

Despite the drop in Bank Prime lending rates, fixed rate mortgages have remained unchanged.

The rate on variable rate mortgages fluctuates with prime, best I have seen is 5.40%.

I hope you find time to enjoy the lead up to the holidays,


Current mortage interest rates with some mortgage brokers I know

December 14, 2007

Prime Rate 6.00%
Variable Rate Prime less .60%
1 year closed 5.55%
3 year closed 5.70%
5 year closed 5.85%*
7 year closed 5.88%*
10 year closed 5.95%*
25 year closed 6.90%

* for mortgage of $500,000 or greater; slightly higher rates for lower mortgage amounts
Information subject to change without prior notice. APR.E.&O.E.

Read more about Land Transfer Tax in Ontario

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