Tuesday, June 03, 2008

CMHC reports on National Vacancy Rates

National Vacancy Rate Unchanged at 2.6 Per Cent in October 2007

The average rental apartment vacancy rate in purpose
built apartment buildings with three or more units in
Canada's 34 major centres1 was unchanged at 2.6 per
cent in October 2007 compared to a year ago. The
centres with the highest vacancy rates in 2007 were
Windsor (12.8 per cent), Saint John (5.2 per cent)
and Moncton (4.3 per cent). The centres with the
lowest vacancy rates were Kelowna (0.0 per cent),
Victoria (0.5 per cent), Greater Sudbury (0.6 per
cent) and Saskatoon (0.6 per cent).
Strong employment growth, solid income gains, and high
immigration levels continued to support strong demand
for both ownership and rental housing. The rising gap
between the cost of home ownership and renting also
kept demand strong for rental accommodation. However,
modest rental construction and increased competition
from the condominium market offset the strong
rental demand, keeping the rental apartment vacancy
rate unchanged from a year earlier. Condominiums are
a relatively inexpensive type of housing for renters
moving to home ownership. Also, some condominium
apartments are owned by investors who rent them out.
Therefore, high levels of condominium completions have
created competition for the rental market and have put
upward pressure on vacancy rates.
The highest average monthly rents for two-bedroom
apartments in new and existing structures were in
Calgary ($1,089), Vancouver ($1,084), Toronto
($1,061) and Ottawa ($961), followed by Edmonton
($958) and Barrie ($934). The lowest average monthly
rents for two-bedroom apartments in new and
existing structures were in Trois-Rivières ($487) and
Saguenay ($490).
Year-over-year comparison of rents can be slightly
misleading because rents in newly built structures
tend to be higher than in existing buildings. However,
by excluding new structures, we can get a better
indication of actual rent increases paid by tenants.
The average rent for two-bedroom apartments in
existing structures increased in all major centres
except Windsor where the average rent in existing
structures was essentially unchanged for a second
consecutive year. The largest rent increases occurred
in markets where vacancy rates were quite low.
Rents in existing structures were up 18.8 per cent in
Edmonton, 15.3 per cent in Calgary, 13.5 per cent in
Saskatoon, 7.7 per cent in Greater Sudbury and 7.0
per cent in Kelowna. Overall, the average rent for
two-bedroom apartments in existing structures
across Canada's 34 major centres increased by 3.5
per cent between October 2006 and October 2007.
CMHC's October 2007 Rental Market Survey also
covers condominium apartments offered for rent in
the following centres: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton,
Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal, and Québec. In 2007,
vacancy rates for rental condominium apartments
were below one per cent in four of the seven centres
surveyed. Rental condominiums in Vancouver had
the lowest vacancy rate at 0.2 per cent. On the other
hand, Québec and Montréal registered the highest
vacancy rates for condominium apartments at 2.4 per
cent and 3.8 per cent in 2007, respectively. The
survey showed that vacancy rates for rental condominium
apartments in 2007 were lower than vacancy
rates in the conventional rental market in Vancouver,
Calgary, Toronto and Ottawa, the same in Edmonton,
and higher in Québec and Montréal. The highest
average monthly rents for two-bedroom condominium
apartments were in Toronto ($1,533), Vancouver
($1,435), and Calgary ($1,217). All surveyed
centres posted average monthly rents for twobedroom
condominium apartments that were higher
than average monthly rents for two-bedroom private
apartments in the conventional rental market in 2007.

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