Saturday, March 07, 2009

Good news on the horizon

I know you are interested.

The US$ just broke today.

Which means the markets are going for another short-term rally.

Including OIL. But not GOLD.

You never make anything if you don't sell. In other words, to make money you have to SHORT aka sell.

For example, when you sell a house only the seller makes money, the buyer buys "hope". It's time for the buyers to be buying as interest rates are at all time lows and the values have dropped, good buying opportunities in Mississauga and GTA

Now we are playing against another drop in the US$. The markets will go up as long as the US$ goes down.

See this graph:
In my view we are only near the panic and despondency area of this cycle, so we still have some way to go!
Good luck,

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