Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mississauga perspective on Real Estate Finance and Mortgages

This was an interesting article about mortgages and real estate financing,
Enjoy! Mark

Subject: Mortgage and Real Estate Finance

I enclose details of our report on mortgage and real estate financing.

US Mortgages, the largest fixed income market in the world, have recently
turned into the latest distressed sector, in the midst of declining house
prices, deteriorating fundamentals, and limited liquidity.

Understanding the nature of this complex structured market, and appreciating
its subtleties, is a prerequisite for taking advantage of the current
dislocation, while avoiding its pitfalls.

Although the difficult environment is likely to continue, everyone who has
been in the market through its gyrations knows that times of trouble can
often spell opportunity for the smart investor.

There are Mortgage and Real Estate Finance books on the market that can give
you an in-depth overview of both the primary and secondary mortgage market.

They will provide a much-needed analysis of the latest innovations in the
market, and serve as a crucial guide to taking advantage of the current

These books cover areas such as:

- History of the Market from the Great Depression till today
- Loan Origination and Underwriting
- Structures used in Securitisation and Arbitrage
- Agency Mortgage Market and CMOs
- Alt-A and Sub-prime Market
- Non-traditional Mortgage Products
- Real Estate Indexes and Trading
- Modelling of Prepayments and Credit
- New Resources for Mortgage Analytics
- Risk Management of Mortgage Securities
- Investing and Opportunities in Mortgages
- Rating Agencies' Perspective
- Servicing in a Distressed Environment
- Regulatory and Policy Issues

If you want more information on this or other books like this, please send
me an email.

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