Monday, October 26, 2009

What is best? The stock market versus real estate investing


The bull market has been running up the high Dow Jones and TSX and other markets for some time now and many people feel they need some pessimism in order to cool it down a little since the rise in the markets was too high and over a short period of time too fast for most of the market to absorb the huge influx of money.

Maybe it's time to sell your stocks or mutual funds and sit on the sidelines for a while.

Only time will tell.

I continue to feel that real estate is a very good long term leveraged investment, tenant pays off the property, you get a tax write off.

Here is a good "real life" example of how you can be financially secure when you are 60 years old.

Imagine you bought just one townhouse investment property when you were 40 years old for $250,000

You put $25,000 downpayment and your mortgage and tax payments were $1500 per month for 20 years and the rent payments were $1400 per month for 20 years

It may cost you $100 per month out of your pocket plus another $100 per month for regular maintenance and incidentals, thus $200 per month or $2400 per year but you got $1000 of that back on your taxes so it really cost you $1400 per year or $28,000 over the 20 years and ...

Imagine you are now 60 years old and you say, honey, we need some money to travel and buy things for our children and ourselves and enjoy life since we are now 60 and you sell that investment property for at the least $300,000

Your adjusted cost base, (your total cost of your investment property) is initial cost plus additions which is about $284,000 (250000+28000+4000 land transfer tax and legal fees to buy and sell it) less costs when you sell equals a capital gain of $16000 which you would pay about $2000 income tax so now you have $288,000 EXTRA cash to spend on you and your family for 20 years of owning that investment property, piece of cake!

This is assuming that the property value increases only 20% over 20 years. If history repeats itself, then the property should at least double if not triple in value in 20 years, but let's be super-conservative with our estimates and say it doubles, even with capital gains tax on half the profit you would still end up with about $455,000 (250000+250000 less about $45000 capital gains tax)

Now, and here is the kicker, if you bought two properties at 40 and did the same thing you would end up with $910,000 in your bank account at age 60

Almost $1MILLION

It does not matter how much inflation we have over the period from now until 20 years from now, $910,000 in your bank account is still almost a million dollars no matter how you look at it

If I had $910,000 today versus $910,000 back in 1989 I would still have a heck of a pile of money and freedom to do the things I want to do, inflation or not.

1989 was not that long ago, so 2029 is not as far in the future as it seems, it will be here for you sooner than you think and if you don't start doing something about it now, you won't have the $910,000 in your bank account or anything for that matter in 20 years from now

You must take some action, get off your butt and do something about it today. Beg or borrow that $25,000 today, buy that townhouse today for $250,000 and sit on it for a measly 20 years, only 240 months and you are done. If you can do it and surely if you can purchase two investment properties now, you'll be set for the balance of your life

I'll even make it easier for you, buy one or two properties as I have outlined above and then let me manage them for you for a small fee and you can literally sit back and enjoy the benefits of your long term investment without lifting a finger for the next 20 years. Want to know more about property management?

Sound like a plan for you? Then let's just do it!

I wish you All the Best to you and your family!

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  1. IMHO, the real estate market has never been so prime for cash investors. Real property will forever remain the greatest path for wealth building.

    Going to trustee sale foreclosure auctions has been turning me on more than watching the phoenix suns dancers perform between the 3rd and 4th quarters.