Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More investment advice, if you like the stock markets!

I certainly prefer real estate for our long term investment strategies, but the stock markets also have opportunities. Here are more thoughts from my investment guru. As you can see, he's a little negative on the US economy, but has some interesting points!


Let's see if the US government will be able to destroy the US$ -
once and for all.

Inflation destroys the currency.
Welkommen Weimer Deutschland.

Actually, I don't know.
The weekly (long-term) charts show this,
but the daily (monthly) do not.
But I can hope.
We've all been hoping for years -
we even have the Bush billion banknotes printed.

The good news:
You don't need to do anything to benefit from this,
just don't live in USA.
However, it does look that Canada and Switzerland are best positioned to benefit from this.
Caution: Don't buy gold/silver.
If you got it good - don't buy more.

It looks like the final attempt of the US administration -
now or never. Now is the best time ever.

I am sure nobody would be surprised.
Not even the Americans - they will have to welcome it as a necessary evil.

The FDPIX (Falling US$) is very strong here at the bottom.
Remember 2007?
Well, this could get better:

If this fails, the next attempt will not come until this Fall.
If that one fails the next will be in January 2010.
and the next...
Let's just get it over with - no point postponing the inevitable.

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