Friday, May 29, 2009

mortgage rates may be increasing shortly.

Recent bond market shows that fixed rates might be on rise soon. Thus you
may wish to get a pre-approval to lock the rate.

The followings are the best rates I have recently seen.

5-year variable at P+0.4% (2.65% right now.) This is a new promotion,
available for pre-approval.

3-year fixed at 3.15%, Available for pre-approval (might be lower to 3.05%
when finalized dpending upon variables in transaction)

5-year fixed at 3.41%, not available for pre-approval.

My suggestion: Get a pre-approval for 3 year fixed or 5 year variable right

I hope this finds you Happy and Healthy!

All the Best!


A. Mark Argentino
P. Eng. Broker
Specializing in Residential & Investment Real Estate

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