Friday, November 27, 2009

Buyer representation began in January 1995 and is still strong today


This was the headline that was shouting out a new revolution in real estate in January of 1995!

Buyer agency really has changed for the better the way real estate is conducted in Ontario.

When you buy your next home, Why be a customer when you can be my client?

For all the details on this new and exciting way to purchase your home, call me now!

As your professional real estate agent, my job is to help you find a home that is comfortable, safe and within your family budget.

We have information brochures that will give you all the facts you need, so you can make the best decision for yourself and your family. If you would like any of the brochures listed below, call me now.

20 Critical questions to ask a Real Estate Agent Before signing anything!

10 "SECRETS" you better know when buying in Mississauga, send me an email if you want this one!

79 Ideas and suggestions to help you improve your sale price by $1000-$5000

1st Time Buyers manual & qualification guidelines

Amortization Schedules, Land Transfer Tax & Legal Fee Booklets

Sellers Checklist Kit

We treat you like the valuable client you are. Experience our WILLINGNESS TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES service to be ...

Your personal agent for life!


Historically, the best time to buy is January and to sell is February or March. This was an old graph I used back in the mid 90's and the trends still stand today, spring is typically the best time to sell if you want to maximize your sale price. But, it's difficult to purchase in the spring as prices may be escalating, another double edged sword to contend with!

As you can see from the above graph the SPRING was the best time to sell in 1994, as it maybe in 1995

A. Mark Argentino, P.Eng., Real Estate Representative

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