Tuesday, November 10, 2009

CREA and Competition Commissioner decision

Below is an email that we just received regarding the recent conclusions that the Commissioner of Competition in Canada released. In a nutshell, the commission concluded, among other items, that CREA and local boards must open their boards up to private listings for sale.
To say the above conclusions have created a "flashpoint" would be an understatement.
At any rate, here is our RE/MAX Ontario Atlantic VP and Regional Directors response on the matter below. It's the most clear and succinct information I've seen on this issue to date.

To: RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Broker/Owners, Managers & Sales Associates:

I write to you today in response to various media reports that have transpired over the last week with respect to the inquiry by the Commissioner of Competition. Understandably there is some unrest and definitely many questions throughout our network with respect to whether this will affect our current business model and practices.

All that RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic knows about the issue between CREA and the Competition Bureau is what has been reported in the media and minor clarifications that have been made thereto.

It is our understanding that CREA has not made a decision yet as to how they will proceed as they are still waiting to receive further clarification on what exactly the proposed changes will entail.

We are actively monitoring the situation to determine what any actual change will be. So far this is what we have been able to determine.

CREA has been in communication with the Competition Bureau regarding the inquiry by the Commissioner of Competition into certain practices in the residential real estate brokerage industry in Canada. The Bureau has recently informed CREA of the Commissioner's conclusions.
  1. CREA does not agree with the Commissioner's conclusions. CREA believes that the Bureau's concerns are based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the way in which the rules of the MLS® system operate.
  2. CREA has always indicated its desire to be responsive to concerns expressed by the Competition Bureau and to engage in productive dialogue with the Bureau. Although CREA believes that the Bureau's concerns about the MLS® rules the Bureau is focusing on are unfounded, it is evident that these concerns have become a flashpoint for the Bureau.

  3. The Board of Directors of CREA has determined that it will pursue a consensual resolution with the Bureau, subject to member support. It is my understanding that discussions are ongoing and that it is CREA's intention to inform its members and stake holders of any proposed solution and seek member support before agreeing to any settlement.
Please note a decision has not been made and it is business as usual.


Michael Polzler
Executive Vice President and Regional Director
RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada Inc.

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