Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mortgage Interest Rates in the GTA

These are the posted and obtainable mortgage interest rates in the GTA and

Mortgage Current Rates
Term Posted Rate Best Rate
6 month 4.60% 4.60%
1 year 3.75% 2.50%
2 year 4.05% 2.95%
3 year 4.65% 3.35%
4 year 5.14% 3.89%
5 year 5.85% 3.99%
7 year 6.80% 5.09%
10 year 6.90% 5.19%
Variable Rate 2.10%
Prime Rate 2.25%

Please note that rates are subject to changes, and that some conditions and
restrictions may apply. Please contact a mortgage representative today to
find out what kind of mortgage you can qualify for.

A mortgage-rate update

Some of the mortgage special rates available in the market are:

* 95% Financing available for purchases and refinances, at 2.10%

* Special Variable Rate Mortgage at Prime-.15% (2.10%)

* Line of credit with a fixed mortgage

Please let me know if you would like more details or if you would like me to
send you mortgage broker contact information, please send me an email.

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