Monday, November 30, 2009

GNOUI and GOLD on the world markets

This is interesting information on how your 5 or 10oz bars of gold compare
to the world markets

GNOUI simply translates into:
Golden Nuggets Of Useless Information.

#1 For folks who might not know, all the gold that's ever been found would
fit into two Olympic-size swimming pools. Including the 200 M. Tonnes that
India bought, the purchase from Sri Lank and the $70 Millions or 2 M. Tonnes
that Mauritius bought last week. There is expected to be a fourth buyer this
week. It seems that the Central Banks are slowly converting back to the Gold
Quote from Bill Fleckenstein / Today's Gold Market.

And that's sad. We think of having a couple of 5 or 10 oz. bars, some wafers
and maybe some gold coins, wherein, we actually have so little in comparison
to the total, that if we dropped it into the pile, no one would ever know.
Maybe Goldfinger was not so wrong after all.


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