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Mississauga gasoline prices over the past few years with pictures

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Mississauga gasoline prices over the past few years
This page is for fun and interest. You may click any of the photos below for a full size and more detailed picture.
I know that you likely have gone through the same emotional swings as you have watched the gasoline prices "yo-yo" for the past years and escalate to incredible peaks in the recent past. I have started to keep an eye on prices as they reach these unprecedented levels and will report them below.
As well, you will find a glimpse of prices around the world on this page and graphs showing how much more we are paying for gasoline compared to the average US price.

I took this picture the first time that I had ever seen gasoline over 70 cents per litre at the corner of Erin Mills Parkway and Credit Valley Road, the date was October 27, 2003 the price that day was 71.1 cents per litre. I still recall how astonished I was that the price had gone over 69.9

As an aside, I fill up at Esso about 95% or more of the time. The reason for this is multifold.

  1. Back when Esso originally introduced the speedpass (I think it was 1999) I thought that the convenience of pointing an object connected to my key ring was much better than going into the store to pay with a credit card.

  2. As well, the speedpass was connected to my Visa and I would get Esso points and Visa points at the same time. Since I am on the road very often, as you know I am a real estate agent, I put about $2500 to $3000 of gasoline in my vehicle per year and I thought that the points would add up over the years.

  3. Another reason for using Esso is that there is an Esso located at the corner of Credit Valley Road and Erin Mills Parkway, about .4 km from my house. Again, very convenient.

  4. Another reason for me going to Esso (in general) is that they have Royal Bank banking machines and I bank with the Royal, so cash withdrawals were convenient. For anyone who lives north of Dundas or south of Britannia in the Erin Mills Area knows, there are zero branches of the Royal Bank (BTW-as an other aside, RBC is installing a branch near the corner of Eglinton and Plantation Woods - yeah!) in this entire area, so Esso is the most convenient location to obtain cash. This is called cross marketing by Esso and it brings in many customers who would otherwise go to competitor gas stations were it not for the Royal Bank banking machines.

  5. Probably, one of the most important reasons that I go out of my way to use Esso is the fact that they have Tim Horton's coffee. Many would agree with this fact and this is likely the number one reason why a large percentage of customers fill up with gasoline at Esso, Tim Horton's and convenience. Again, brilliant cross marketing on the part of Esso.
So there you have my 5¢ worth! What are your preferences and reasons for using one gasoline station over another, price, convenience or other? I would love to hear your opinions on this subject too

Less than 2 years later and for the first time I saw gas at the corner of Erin Mills Parkway and Credit Valley Road over $1 per litre was on August 13, 2005 with the price posted at 101.9 cents per litre. Poor Esso across the street had to blank out their large sign and their price was posted on the small A frame board at the side of the road. I was amazed to see this high price and absolutely outraged at the same time.

Hurricane Katrina made landfall in late August of 2005 and caused gas prices to escalate and in late September then Hurricane Rita made landfall on September 24th of 2005 and prices began to rise up to the stratosphere! This sign is from a gas station in Quebec.
Days during Rita making landfall it was reported on that the price fro a litre of gasoline was$1.76 per litre at Port Colborne Shell Gas station. People in my office and my wife's office were reporting that gasoline on the morning of September 23rd was $2 per litre in Barrie and by the afternoon of Friday the 23rd of September prices were heard to be as high as $2.50 per litre at some stations.

This is from August in the USA. Too bad the people from the US don't realize what a great deal they are getting, at USD$2.33 per US gallon, and if 1 gallon [US, liquid] = 3.7854118 liters and the dollar conversion is 1.00 US dollars = 1.17 Canadian dollars that works out to about
The price of USD$2.33 per US gallon is about CAD$2.73 per US gallon and divided by 3.7854118 liters per US gallon equals CAD$0.72 per litre, that's worth repeating, 72 cents per litre, what is so 'unreasonable' about that price

This is from a sign in Germany, price is Euro per litre, at a conversion of 1.00 Euros = 1.40 Canadian dollars this would be about CAD$135 per litre for regular, about CAD$1.79 for super

Now this is about where I would like to see our gasoline prices!

On Friday October 6th, 2005 the prices around Mississauga were all below $1 per litre again, in the high 90's. We all felt as if we were getting the deal of the decade

Toronto Gas Prices

This chart shows the average Toronto gas prices compared to the average gas prices in the USA for the 3 months surrounding the hype and hysteria of the late summer and early fall of 2005

Gas prices over the past 3 years

This picture shows the price on October 8th, 2005. It shows the price at the corner of Credit Valley Road and Erin Mills Parkway Esso at 95.5 cents per litre.

I have not logged the actual prices on Friday's or weekends compared to during the week, but my feeling is that gas stations often will raise the price on a Friday and keep prices high until at least Sunday morning. This is even more true for a long weekend, the price of gasoline usually is raised and stays high for any long weekend that I remember over the past few years. I cannot recall a long weekend where prices dropped, until the weekend of Thanksgiving in 2005.

It's incredible and just goes to prove that just when you think you have the yo-yoing of gasoline prices figured out, "they" go ahead and throw us another curve ball.

To be continued with more current information in the future

Your comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome!

So there you have my 5¢ worth! What are your preferences and reasons for using one gasoline station over another, price, convenience or other? I would love to hear your opinions on this subject too,

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