Monday, November 14, 2005

FAQ How long do you think it will take to sell my home?

Every house is unique. I've had homes sell within hours of listing on the market and sometimes it takes months to sell or never sell at all. I believe there are three primary reasons why a home does not sell.
First is price. If the home is overpriced the qualified buyers may never see it because it is priced out of their budget. Those who can afford the home will be comparing it to homes that are properly priced and therefore have more features or benefits. Your home could be priced accurately but be valued much higher than the average home in your area. The farther above the average home value in your area you are, the fewer buyers there will be and the longer it can take to find your buyer. Just be careful of agents and the high price tactic.
The Second reason a home may not sell is lack of consistent promotion.

A home seller may think all they need to do is put an ad in the paper, put up a sign, build a web site and the world will beat a path to their door. The MLS is one of the main sources of buyers. You can read about marketing of your home in detail. The more marketing that I do, the greater the chances I will find a buyer quickly.
The third reason a home does not sell is timing Timing in life is critical and in real estate "timing is everything". The right buyer for your home may be in the market right now, when we start properly promoting your home the buyer may find you immediately and buy your home right away. Although some people will tell you if your home sells too quickly you are under priced, this is not necessarily true. Timing your entry into the market with the buyers’ readiness can lead to a quick sale. In contrast, if there is no buyer for your home at the time you come on the market, then you will likely have to wait until your buyer does come into the market.
As a home seller you can control the price of your home and I will control the marketing of your home. Unfortunately, neither of us can control the timing.
To continue reading about selling your home, you may go to my section about the selling process


  1. The time necessary to sell a home has changed significantly over the past year. Previously, you could expect to sell your home in a matter of weeks, even through an FSBO process. Now it takes months and the proper mix of marketing, pricing and promotion to make it happen.


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