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Foreclosure Courses - are they worth the price of attendance?

Foreclosure and Power of Sale Courses - are they worth the price of admission?

I had another question about taking expensive educational courses to become educated on foreclosure properties.

The question and my answer are below.

Hi Mark, I attended a Markus Group seminar tonite held by Dan Frederick. He offers a course on how to do foreclosures, sandwich options, assignments etc. etc. His information is all Canadian (unlike so much of the Trump Wealth Expo ) which was very American. He said he also shows a lot of R.E. people how they can use their skills to make themselves wealthy. The 2 day weekend course is $1295. He will be speaking again May 30th at Holiday Inn, Dixon Rd. Would you be interested in hearing him? I am looking to partner with someone so cost is reduced to $650. each. Also thank you for the continued listings!

Hello SZ,

I will be very honest and direct. Keep your $650 or $1295 for your downpayment or for your renovations once you buy the investment property.

Foreclosures and bank sales in Ontario are nowhere near the 'great deals' that they are in the states or even in other provinces. Our laws are different. Read more at my blog:

Time of year you purchase and finding a motivated or anxious seller can go much further than a power of sale property.

This is the truth.

This is not an advertisement for my services, just my advice from 20 years in the real estate business.

If you want to invest in real estate, find a knowledgeable, honest, dependable and experienced agent such as myself or my partner who will teach you everything there is to know about investing and then go buy an investment property and make money.

Also, there are few real estate salespeople that are wealthy. I would guess that less than 1 in 20 owns an investment property, maybe a little more than non-real estate sales people, but still bleak considering we are in the market and often see good deals throughout the year.

My experience is that you have to make a concerted effort to research the areas you want to purchase the investment property and be ready, able and willing to buy it when you see the good deal.

The key to anything in life is action. Many take courses, research and spend hours and days and years researching an investment property purchase, but just never do it for one reason or another. If you have the resources for the downpayment and become pre-qualified and work with a good agent, then you can proceed and make money.

I am just speaking from the heart and my personal experience, I don't like to see people part with their money unnecessarily.

I hope this helps!

Thank you,

See Foreclosure and Power of Sales Properties.

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