Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Confusion at Kingsbridge Gardens Circle Condos Mississauga

If you've ever driven on Kingsbridge Garden Circle and looked for one of the condos, you know the numbering is very confusing.
This post will tell you exactly where the condos are.
When you are located at the corner of Highway 10 (Hurontario) and Kingsbridge Garden you head west from that point and the very first set of traffic lights west of Hurontario and Kingsbridge Garden Circle has a street running to the north and the south. On the south side are the green buildings, called the Emerald Centre, there is a Rabba in that building.
Now to confuse things, the condo located at 50 Kingsbridge Garden Circle is on the south side of the street on the west side after your turn left at the lights. The street name to the left (south) is named Tucana Court, but 50 Kingsbridge Garden Circle condo is on that street, very confusing!
On the north side of this intersection, where the HSBC and newer strip plaza at the corner of Highway 10 and Kingsbridge are located is where there are 4 condos.
As you head north on this large dead end street, there are two condos on the left and two on the right.
The first building on the left is 55 Kingsbridge Garden Circle, which is also called the Mansion
The second building on the left is 45 Kingsbridge Garden Circle and it's called the Park Mansion.
The two buildings on the right side are the newest buildings in the area and they are called Skymark West, and the first building on the right is 25 Kingsbridge Garden Circle and the second building is 35 Kingsbridge Garden Circle
See the actual locations at this link:
These links below will take you to information about each building in the area.
None of these buildings are less than 6 years old. The Mansion and Park Mansion are about 18 years old.
I hope this helps you navigate this trick area!
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