Thursday, February 25, 2010

Must see video on motivation and believing what you do

An agent I know sent me this link to watch a motivating video on youtube.
Watch this only when you have 6 minutes of spare time. If you don't have the time today, make the time to watch it sometime today anyway.
This video really sums up what life is all about and how you can push yourself to limits that you never thought were possible and even surpass them.
This is why I always tell you to set your goals very high. The reason is that you will achieve your goals, eventually, as long as you work hard towards them.
Someone told me this saying or I read it somewhere and it stuck in my mind at an early age. As long as I can remember, I have always thought this way since I was about 20 years old (and I have even told you this phrase before):
"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve"
This is a super important concept in your life no matter what you do or attempting to do.
Whatever you think in your mind, whatever your self-talk is, over time you become what you think and believe. I have visualized owning small apartment buildings and investment real estate for many years, someone has to own them, why not me?
If you imagine that you are sitting in a boardroom of your own company and you are running the meeting and everyone else is listening to you and taking your advice and you are running the company, then it will eventually happen, guaranteed. If you imagine that you are in an operating room and you are the chief medical doctor doing micro-surgery on someone's brain while all the other doctors, nurses, staff and students in the gallery watch you perform the surgery because you are the worlds best micro surgeon, it will happen. If you visualize owning a 37 foot powerboat cruiser and sitting on a lake enjoying your time on the boat, it will eventually happen.
If you visualize your goal and work hard towards that goal and save your money that you would have otherwise spent on other items, eventually it will happen. If you visualize sitting down on a beach with warm breezes blowing over your face in January and February of every year when you are 53 years old, it will happen.
If you imagine and create very specific images of your goals in your mind at a young age, and you constantly work towards those goals and strive to reach your images in your mind, no matter what they are, and if you put in the effort and streamline your thinking and your everyday tasks towards that goal, you will eventually achieve your goal. It is inevitable. It is the law of the universe.
Whatever you imagine and conceive in your mind and believe in your mind, it will come true in your mind, and it will also become true in reality. This dream, vision, goal or conceived idea has to become reality because all you do is tell yourself that it will happen over and over and over again and all your do is work towards that goal and dream and it will eventually happen. It has to.
The video below will show you in dramatic fashion that it is your mind that blocks you from achieving your goals. If you let your mind believe you can accomplish your tasks and reach your goals AND you work towards those goals every day of your life, you will achieve them.
Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve. It is inevitable! :-)
I truly wish you success and happiness in everything you imagine yourself doing and dare dream to do! :-)

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