Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mortgage Rates On The Rise

Just as soon as I posted that fixed rates are currently excellent and it's a great time to lock in, then I received the email below that fixed mortgage rates are on the rise!

Could be time to lock in..... read below



From: Mortgage consultant
Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2012 8:51 PM
Subject: Mortgage Rates On The Rise

Mortgage Rate Bulletin

RBC and TD have announced mortgage rate hikes effective this Thursday March
29th... Other lenders are sure to follow!

Get your applications in now to get your 120 rate holds before rates go up.

10 year fixed rates still available at 3.99% and are looking better and
better right now!

5 year fixed rates still available at 2.99%

If you need mortgage help, please contact me!



  1. Looking at the year's averages, we are seeing double-digit increase in total sales. This is an indication that the positive shift in the real estate market is being pushed by properties falling under the lower end of the price scale.
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  2. Because house prices are at a record high many people (probably including yourself) are now thinking of their mortgages in the long term as well as the upfront rate. For this reason it is worth knowing what current customers are paying. It is highly unlikely that when you come to the end of your fixed or discount rate period you will be on the same standard variable rate as current customers. But you can use the information to see how the lender compares against others in the market.enquire about home loans