Monday, April 08, 2013

Mississauga Condo rental properties - does supply determine market value rent?

Rental properties - Does supply of properties affect their demand
The supply and demand for rental properties determines the market value rent. I've written a little about rental prices in the past at my blog, see one post here.

The supply of condos is quite high at the moment, meaning that this may put downward force on rental rates for condos, not upward. TREB feels that the higher inventory has not had a negative effect on the rental market rents.

The trend for condo rental prices has generally been up for the past 10 years, similar to the sale market. Unfortunately, prices have escalated far more than rental rates and therefore, even with our current low interest rates, you need to put a much larger percentage downpayment now on a condo in order for the rent to carry the carrying costs.

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