Saturday, March 08, 2014

Clocks Spring Ahead this weekend - Reminder to test Smoke Alarms

This weekend we change our clocks and move them ahead one hour this Saturday after midnight.
This is also a reminder for everyone to replace the battery in any battery operated CO or smoke/CO2 detector where you live and to check the proper operation of all detectors and operate as they should.
You are supposed to be doing this on a monthly basis, but this is a good time to test if you have not been doing this monthly testing.
Please test each CO and smoke/CO2 detectors and make sure it works properly when you press the test button.
Also, please check the date on the CO detectors and the smoke/CO2 detectors manufacture date.  Most are good for 7 years, some for 10.  If any of the detectors are expired you should replace them with a new detector, this is very important for your safety.
Also, please don't forget to change your air filter for the furnace.  This will not only improve your air quality in the house, but also reduce your gas and electricity bills by allowing the air to circulate more freely.
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