Friday, July 04, 2008

Have you heard of these seminars?

Often I will receive emails about seminars like the one below. Have you ever gone to such a seminar and did you find it worthwhile?

Any comments appreciated, post or PM me,
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#1 Rated Las Vegas Hard Money Seminar is happening soon

You Will Learn How To:

• Double you're Income in 2008 with Hard Money

• Use FHA as an Exit Strategy for Hard Money

• Become a Hard Money Lender

• Package Hard Money deals that fund and who to submit to

• Develop & Optimize your own Hard Money Website

• Set up and Market your own Mortgage pool

• Successfully market for Hard Money Loans that will fund

• How to use Hard Money to purchase distressed properties

Who should Attend:

• Mortgage Lenders

• Mortgage Brokers

• Real Estate Agents

• Real Estate Investors

• Loan Officers

• Attorneys

• Accountants

• Insurance Agents

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