Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Toronto Main Event

You may have attended "The Main Event" back in 2007 and listened to some of the key speakers, namely Donald Trump, Anthony Robbins and others.

Unfortunately, I did not attend this event, but your musing summarizes this event beautifully. I had a few people contact me after this event and some did spend the nearly $1k on materials, but were happy to do so, go figure! As far as I know, none of them have purchased an investment property, to date!
Your comments on 'the Donald' make me want to go and see him next time he is in town, and I will go out of my way to listen to him if he is as straight as you say, that's my type of presenter.
I've seen Anthony Robbins at a training session here in Toronto before and he is awesome, he sure can energize a crowd.
Putting your ideas and plans into action that is most important, you have to have the desire and persistence to stay with your plan for the long term. This will absolutely guarantee you financial freedom in the long term. Nothing else can 'guarantee' you financial success.
I wish you All the best!

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