Friday, November 14, 2008

Toronto and GTA Real Estate Auctions are not that common, WHY?

If you search Google for Toronto and GTA real estate auctions, most of the results talk about auctions, but really don't give you much information about upcoming real estate auctions in the GTA. This is probably because there are not too many real estate auctions that occur in the GTA.

In my experience, most property in and around Toronto is sold through traditional methods, such as the mls, private for sales, exclusive listings and other similar methods.

You will find that there are many auctions in the US. Their system works differently.

In a similar fashion, there is rarely a foreclosure sale in Ontario, most properties sell under Power of Sale in Ontario, read more here:

I've seen and received in my email, information similar to what is shown below for US auctions.

Please email if you have more questions.

Read more about estate sale auctions:

Some people have highlighted the advantages of an auction sale as follows:

*Auctions are the fast way to convert property, they are efficient, and effective or assets into cash No other sales method works as well
* What can be sold at Auction? Real Estate, Equipment, Businesses Inventory, , etc Any asset or property that can be sold at discount
* cut your losses or Cash in on your equity
* Convenient, no hassle, we handle everything
* Quick Sale property usually sells in 7 days or less when speed is of the essence,
* A specific date is set creating a sense of urgency to buy
* Intense and accelerated marketing
* Property sells at or near the true real estate market value or more
* Property often achieves more than the anticipated selling price
* Auction environment encourages a sense competitive bidding urgency

* Get aggressive marketing strategy to buyers local and maximum exposure, , regional, national and international
* Telemarketing, direct solicitation Targeted advertising, publicity, , proprietary database of prospects and investors
* Marketing through the World Wide Web www
* Directional signage and On-site property
* Auction conveys a "fast and sales-friendly" real estate competitive atmosphere

These are the typical types of auctions found in the US

* Regularly scheduled live public real estate auctions & investor forums
* Your property Property marketed on website for USA & International viewing
* Included in regularly scheduled Live bidding and Online bidding Auctions until sold
* Your property Email Broadcast to Brokers & Investors USA & International
* Aggressive Newspaper & Magazine Advertising
* Free MLS Listing

These are the types of auctions found on the internet

Foreign Property
Single Family Residential
Multi Family Residential
Intellectual Property
New Construction
Apartment Buildings
For Sale By Owner
Time Share
Mobile Home
Manufactured Homes
Farms & Ranches
Raw Land
Trust Deeds
Historical Buildings
Water Craft
Air Craft
Marinas & Ship Yards
R1 Sub divisions
Intellectual Property
Vacation Homes

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