Sunday, May 10, 2009

Correction in stock market predictions!

This is an update/correction to my investment guru's recommendations, Enjoy!

C$, oil and $spx are holding very well (weekly chart).
It is very likely that they will try to destroy the US$ (to create inflation).
Remember last time?

However, for some reason, gold/silver do not show much upside.
But, oil does.
Things change.

What would I do now?
Hold C$.
Hold some oil.
Hold some financials.
For now - eventually you got to sell.
But, the charts don't show it yet.

Very confusing situation: the weekly charts (long-term) show more upside,
but the daily charts (short-term) show a sell.

It could be another trap - too early to tell.

With stocks it is easier - some you can short now, some you hold,
some you buy, some you sell, some you avoid.

Mutual funds are different - because of 1-10 stocks you can lose all gains.

Whatever you do be careful.
Usually the signal you use is: if analysts recommend a stock that has gone up significantly get out!

Great advice!

I hope this finds you Happy and Healthy!

All the Best!


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