Monday, May 11, 2009

My investment Guru updated thoughts

My investment Guru updated his prognosis from the other day and I thought I would share it with you. Enjoy!

Hope this helps:
Rule No. 1: If you don't know what to do - do nothing.
This is what I would do:
short DNDN, efut, calm - stay short itmn...
wait for these to drop more: soap, sks, m, jwn, spls, jcp, drl...
wait for a correction in these: lvs, byd, mgm, wynn (the Vegas play)
wait for a correction in airlines (direction is not clear)
many techs...
get out of financials...
But then, as you can tell, I do not care much about mutual funds -
and I can easily adjust whenever necessary.
This is the problem: March 9, 2009 was a fantastic buying opportunity -
however some are starting to fall....
but you can't get in (too high).
Most stocks you can play both ways - up or down.
However, many you can NEVER buy: GM, ASYT...Bombay, SharperImage, NT...
ers, peix, desc...etc...etc...ENRON, WCOMM...and other scams...
Actually, it is really simple:
If there is a market correction - buy.
If it goes much higher - short with options.
Wouldn't you like to have shorted everything in October 2007?
Or 2000?
Guess who usually wins in the LONG-RUN.

I hope this finds you Happy and Healthy!

All the Best!


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