Friday, January 29, 2010

Power-of-sale, Foreclosure, Foreclosures and quit claim question

this was one of those feel good letters I just received from a person and
thought I would share the information with you

You have one of the best site for general information and quality for make a
house sold.

My name is A .G., I am the mortgage holder of this house that we sold in T .
Ontario about three years go'.

The people in the house have develop financial problems. They start running
too many charges where now start default in not making the payments.

My question is: should I execute Power of sale or in return to have the
house with list damage I should accept the quit claim. Read about Power of
Sale and quit claim on my site here:

They have zero equity in this house. They only put down $5000 on house price
of 220,000. The command price in the house is less now then when was sold.

I wish you were here and I would hire on the spot. Your luggage of
information is outstanding


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