Monday, March 29, 2010

RBC reporting that the Canadian Housing and US real estate Fundamentals Improve

This is the latest report from RBC on the housing market

Housing Fundamentals Improve

The pace of home sales picked up in the fourth quarter and, combined with
the low level of new housing starts, reduced the glut of homes for sale on
U.S. markets.

The result was that the measures of months' supply of homes available for
sale are down from recent peaks and are within striking distance of their
long-term averages.

Builder sentiment improved mildly in February, and we expect that sales
activity will increase in 2010 as labour market conditions improve.

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  1. US Real Estate market is pretty much on life support, any other news for now is pure nonsense.

  2. Yes, from what I read, the US real estate market continues to be very soft. Let's hope they get out their mess soon, otherwise they may continue to be a drag their economy and much of the global economy.

    Thanks for your comments.

    All the best!