Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve

I received this email and thought I would share the contents with you.  

I am a firm believer that 'whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve'  This has been my credo since I can remember.  

I firmly believe that you have to visualize your success in order to become successful in life or any venture you undertake.
Some of the "words of wisdom" that came across my plate recently are shown below.  The key is that you can't afford to be an average leader.


So, how do you become the great leader that you want to be?

One method is by studying, learning and teaching the principles that Dr. John C. Maxwell shares in his powerful program, Lessons On Leadership.


This is a comprehensive program for self-training, teaching and mentoring.

Some of the key aspects of leadership are
* Growing yourself and your team
* Learning the role of serving in leadership
* The importance of modeling
* How to connect with others
* Causing people to learn
* Gaining ideas for effective teaching
* Ways to sustain motivation
* Establishing trust
* Rebuilding when trust is gone
* Challenges of leading from the middle
* How to keep the leadership pipeline pumping
* Learn principles leaders practice to lead up
* The principles of leading peers
* Becoming a person of influence
* Competing vs. completing
* Making your attitude your greatest asset
* How to deal with discouragement
* Dealing with change
* How to profit from failure
* The four major benefits of listening
* Moving others to action
* How to avoid losing touch with your people
* Leading on the basis of trust
* Avoiding inconsistent leadership
* The pitfalls of personal insecurity
* Making the tough calls
* And many more!

I spend a great deal of my time visualizing and determining that there is no other outcome in my life other than SUCCESS and the methods of achieving success are:

* Adding value to yourself and others
* Knowing your purpose in life
* Growing to your maximum potential
* Sowing seeds that benefit others
* How motives matter
* Characteristics of people who influence others
* Evaluating what you do with your time
* Doing the right things right
* Living with integrity and leading by example
* Developing a winning strategy or "big idea"
* Building a great management team
* Inspiring employees to achieve greatness
* Creating a flexible and responsive organization
* The 10 traits successful leaders have in common
* Four strategies that will keep you moving
* Leading from the front
* Holding others accountable
* Building on strengths
* Forming relationships
* Making good decisions
* How to prioritize decision-making
* Avoiding decision-making traps
* And many more!

TEAMWORK is another area that I focus on:

* Understanding the value of unity
* Diversity in skills
* Gathering and growing a team
* Creating an environment that rewards creativity
* Motivating your team for unpleasant challenges
* The four stages of training
* Commitment that inspires results
* Communication that increases effectiveness
* Adding value to team-mates
* What a coach should communicate
* What a coach should look for in players
* Adding value individually and collectively
* Coach John Wooden's nine promises to make and keep
* Motivating players to fulfill their roles as part of the team
* Paying attention to fundamentals and details
* Five steps of teaching
* Players vs. pretenders
* Having a servant's mindset
* Why hard choices are hard to make
* And many more!

One of the benefits is that you will experience significant impact on your own growth and the growth of those around you
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