Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Real Estate and World Economy

Some personal thoughts as we end a miserable econonic year for the stock markets and the economy in general.

We are into a new type of world economy

The US still leads but is no longer the force it once was, so not all follow US lead anymore

Greed will always prevail, so gold should be good for short run, there will be another disaster in the future that will cause a spike and that may be the time to unload

This is why the stock markets fluctuate 10% in a day and nobody blinks an eye anymore

Real estate does not follow 7 year cycles any longer, we just finished a 13 year cycle here in Toronto, interest rates are at historic lows, inflation is low, oil is low, wages are still too high

The future is indeed uncertain, the US will NOT go bankrupt and we will be out of this mess by mid 2010, the problem is that we have not hit bottom yet and there is $uch more pain to come

We've had these cycles before, we must hit despair before we can have hope

Obama will brighten things a little and give us hope

As for precious metals I think that zirconia looks just as nice as diamonds!

Enjoy the winter and all the best to you and your family in the New Year!

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  1. i wonder, are there any legit places to get foreclosure listings? what is the condition of the mississauga real estate market and where are some good places to scout for suitable properties?


  2. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for your comment. In Ontario there are not too many foreclosures, most of the bank sales are power of sales. You can get regular email updates for power of sale properties by signing up to my free service at:


    Thank you,