Thursday, December 03, 2009

Facts about Dubai's debt problems

Dubai's debt
Here are some interesting facts on Dubai's debt

Property prices in Dubai are half of what they were a couple of years ago


Ben Thompson, business reporter, DubaiFinancial markets and businesses are closed here for the Eid holiday - some suggest that's why the announcement was made when it was.

It's sparked real shock that things have come to this. Just 12 months ago, few could have believed the city would find itself asking for this lifeline.

It seems Dubai is now paying the price for living on borrowed money.Of course, everyone knew the boom couldn't last forever, but no-one expected it to collapse when, or as suddenly, as it did.

Property prices have more than halved over the past year and investors have fled.The official figure for Dubai's debt is $80bn, but talk to anyone here and the feeling is the figure is much higher. Unpaid bills, abandoned cars and empty buildings are all too obvious. Some analysts put the real figure at close to $160bn.


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